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Life is Beautiful

Life Is Beautiful Adds Big Talk To the Music Lineup

By Amber Sampson

Big Talk's brand of rock ’n’ roll is what dive bars and dreams are made of. And now they're part of Life Is Beautiful 2015.

Life is Beautiful

Songs From the Lineup: Lindsey Stirling, ‘Beyond the Veil’

By Kayla Dean

We've always suspected an electric violin could be cool, but no one has proven it quite like Lindsey Stirling. "Beyond the Veil" is a self-contained dance floor.

Urban Epicurean

Feeding the Beautiful People

By Al Mancini

Celebrity chefs have garnered most of the attention at past Life is Beautiful festivals, but the emphasis this year is on Las Vegas’ diverse culinary offerings.


Onyx Theatre’s ‘Angry Inch’ Takes an Ambitious Mile

By Lissa Townsend Rodgers

"Hedwig and the Angry Inch" has been performed from Berlin to Springfield and, now, in Las Vegas. And its long legs look pretty fabulous here in Sin City, too.


Melty Popsicles and Flying Heels: Your #DTLVfans Instagrams

By DTLV Staff

This week: A couple celebrates their two year anniversary at Vegenation, Gold Spike packs them in, and yogis turn Downtown upside-down.

Blind Alley

In DTLV Rumors: The Fates of Two Fremont Joints Hang In the Balance

By Chuck Taylor and Z. Case

The bad news: More Downtown closures are coming. The good news: A greater number of Downtown openings is on the way.


Three Visions For Downtown’s Future, Now Showing

By Geoff Carter

The City of Las Vegas asked a respected urban design firm to tell us how to fix Downtown's problems. Now they've got some blueprints to share.

Life Is Beautiful Lineup

Life is Beautiful

Songs From the Lineup: Ryn Weaver, ‘Promises’

By Amber Sampson

It’s been a long time coming, but this indie singer-songwriter is finally coming to Las Vegas. "Promises" proves that she's worth waiting for.



Skin In The Game: Meet Robin Slonina

By Geoff Carter

The owner of Skin City Body Painting and producer of Game Show Network’s 'Skin Wars' talks living canvases, shy wives and working with Mystique.