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Election Primer

Without a doubt, voter turnout will be lower for next month’s elections than in presidential years. And that’s shameful, because the issues and campaigns in off-year elections often have a bigger local impact than presidential elections do—really. If you are among those headed to the polls on or before November 4, here are some of the more important issues to consider. Read More


Photo by Tony Tran | SpyOn Vegas

All Praise the Almighty Yeezus

housands gathered at Life Is Beautiful’s Downtown Stage to witness the spectacle and wonderment that is Kanye West. Would he descend upon us like the god he believes himself to be and lift us to the heavens? Would he wig out and say some insane shit for 30 minutes? Or would he just rap his fucking ass off? Read More



Nevada, Meet Uber

This morning at 5:00 a.m., Las Vegas joined the more than 200 cities worldwide served by rideshare service Uber. If you download the Uber app to your iOS or Android phone right now, you’ll see hundreds of Uber cars cruising around on Vegas’ streets, waiting for you to call one up. Read More