Sweat in the City: Meet Branden Collinsworth of Real Results

Meet the nicest guy you’ll even allow to put you through a living hell. Branden Collinsworth is the owner of Real Results gym on Commerce Street, just south of Charleston. Unlike some other “fitness centers” we could name, Real Results isn’t a country club with exercise machines. This is a working garage, where bodies are hammered into shape.

HI! MY NAME IS: Branden Collinsworth


WHAT DO YOU DO? I own a business/gym downtown called Real Results with my business partners, Paul Rosenberg and Anthony Alegrete. Our gym is the coolest gym in the city and the only place where you can bump music with cusswords as loud as possible and nobody will say anything. I am a personal trainer/life coach/fitness enthusiast, and I’m also referred to as a creative artist when it comes to fitness. The exercises, movements and sequences I give people to do are always different and unique.

WHAT WOULD YOUR FRIENDS SAY ABOUT WHAT YOU DO? My friends all think it’s cool that I get paid to make people exercise.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU LIVED IN DOWNTOWN LAS VEGAS? I have been downtown for a year, but I was born and raised in Las Vegas. I live at the Ogden — the best and only place to live.

WHY LIVE DOWNTOWN? ISN’T IT AN UNTAMED WASTELAND? Downtown is a real city. People from all walks of life are mixing and mingling here on a regular basis. There’s always something new going on, and now, with Zappos moving down here and the Downtown Project pushing for downtown evolution, this place is becoming really, really cool.

WHAT”S THE BEST DAMN THING ABOUT DOWNTOWN?  The best damn thing about downtown is its unique blend of people. Everyone I meet here is so interesting and so nice.

DOWNTOWN NEEDS ______ MORE THAN ANYTHING: A Trader Joe’s, or some grocery.


WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE PLACE IN DOWNTOWN VEGAS TO EAT? Bar + Bistro. Chef Beni is a true master of the taste buds and he’s spot-on with his recommendations. The food and cocktails are incredible. And Bar + Bistro is like a different world. On a beautiful night, the patio is ideal: conga drummers, fire dancers and more. The inside is just as engaging, and I also like that it’s connected to the Arts Factory.

TO DRINK? Downtown Cocktail Room. It has a warm, welcoming energy to it that has not faded since I started going there a few years ago. It’s one of my favorite places to unwind and has always been a good place to take dates. I love that their cocktail menus are always changing. I think they’re on Season 21. The drinks are works of art, though some of the past ingredients have been questionable … but they always turn out delicious.

BE ENTERTAINED? Insert Coin(s). NFL Blitz and Mortal Kombat II.

TO WATCH DRUNKS IN ACTION? Las Vegas Boulevard at Fremont Street, for “Transformers vs. Drunk Redneck.” For some reason this redneck guy in overalls became very angry at one of the street performers who was dressed in a full-on Transformers outfit, with platform shoes, weaponry and sound effects. The redneck started yelling and cursing profusely, and pushed the Transformer. Wrong move. He must’ve forgotten that Transformers are ultimate killing machines and that no human alive could possibly match them.

After the first push, the man in the Transformer outfit took his plastic sword and whacked the drunken fellow in the face, and he fell to his knees. Metro bike cops swooped down on both of them. After a few minutes, the Transformer was allowed to continue on with his night. Dejected, the drunk was arrested and taken away. Transformers 1, Man 0.

AND TO SIMPLY RELAX? At my gym, Real Results. We have a lounge upstairs with more than 1,000 records and a kick-ass sound system. After we close I like to put on some Miles Davis, take off the shoes and just chill.

IF YOU WERE ANOINTED SUPREME RULER OF DOWNTOWN FOR ONE DAY, WHAT’S THE ONE THING YOU WOULD CHANGE? I would create an outdoor park with basketball courts, chess tables, and the whole nine. New York-style.


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