P Moss Talks Trash at the Vegas Valley Book Festival

Admittedly I’m not all that far into P Moss’s new book, Vegas Knockout–but already, the shit has not only hit the fan, but gotten into its moving parts. A family has been held hostage by a psychotic ex-boxer, a restaurant owner has been forced into a bad place by a stroke of good luck, and a young social climber has done unspeakable things to a poodle.

If Knockout proved anything but an affront to public decency I’d be disapppointed, but I expect nothing less of Moss–owner of the Double Down Saloon and Frankie’s Tiki Room, frontman for jet-setting garage band the Bloodcocks UK, author of the similarly disturbing/delightful 2010 book Blue Vegas, and the man who conducted a recent book reading by stapling pages from Vegas Knockout to a friend’s arms and forehead. In Knockout, he has produced another down-and-dirty collection of hardboiled Vegas stories, and it’s a goddamned instant classic, that’s all. You should read it, even if you’re a poodle.

Moss will discuss the book, and probably a few other choice topics, with City Life editor Scott Dickensheets this Saturday at the Vegas Valley Book Festival. If ever you’ve wondered what’s happening behind Vegas’ locked doors (and the locked doors behind those doors), this panel is an absolute must. It happens in room 160 of the Historic Fifth Street School today at 12:30 p.m. More information is available at the Vegas Valley Book Festival website.

By the way: At the exact same time as Moss’ panel and only a few doors down from it (in the Fifth Street School auditorium), friend of DTLV Cindi Reed–the arts and entertainment editor of our sister publication Vegas Seven–will be moderating a panel intriguingly called The Truth About Crime: Is Fact Stranger Than Fiction? Scheduled to appear are noted crime authors Miles Corwin, Gregg Hurwitz, Cathy Scott and Chris Baughman, and I expect that quite few pieces of illicit fact and fiction will meet daylight in that panel, too. No matter which panel you choose, you’re going to come uncomfortably close to this town’s seedy underworld. Good times.

Vegas Seven