(Downtown) Life is Beautiful

Just the other day I was saying to a friend, “Man, it’d be great if downtown Las Vegas could host a music and arts festival like San Francisco’s Outside Lands or Seattle’s Bumbershoot. At the very least, I wish Vegoose were still around.”

Well, you can’t utter those words into downtown airspace without Tony Hsieh’s long-range happyphones picking it up, and this morning, a billion-dollar quartet of events marketing firms–including Outside Lands producer Another Planet Entertainment, a firm run by the former director of entertainment for the Cosmopolitan, and of course, Downtown Project–announced that not only does such a festival exist, but it’s coming to downtown as soon as next fall.

Life is Beautiful, a two-day music, art and culinary festival, will debut in downtown Las Vegas in autumn 2013. That’s really all that’s been said about the festival at this point–no bands have been announced, no venues set–but you could probably divine a few predictions about the festival judging by the people who are putting it on. Aurelian Marketing Group is run by Rehan Choudhry, who laid the bedrock on which the Cosmopolitan’s entertainment department now stands. MAKTUB Marketing is run by Joey Vanas, who also runs First Friday and knows well how to use downtown’s streets for large-scale events. And the pedigrees of Downtown Project and Another Planet are pretty well known. I don’t see how all these parties can come together and create something less than epic.

To keep up on festival announcements, bookmark the Life is Beautiful website. And I’d like to remind M83 and The xx that they each owe us one.

Vegas Seven