What’s Happening This Weekend? First Friday, Scarlet Saturday, Super Bowl Sunday

Scarlet We heart art! It’s First Friday, and tonight, the streets of 18b run red … and blue, and yellow, and pretty much every other color you can imagine. (Y’know, paint.) This is shaping up to be quite the epic art crawl: There are works by Damien Hirst to be enjoyed, collaborative works  by The 80s Kids and Juan Muniz to be acquired, and the galleries are filled with awesome new work.

“Big Words,” Eric Burwell’s show at Brett Wesley, is as good as its name. Las Vegas-based Burwell paints enormous words on unstretched canvases—words that “arise from the artist’s deeper contemplations and values of self-reflection.” The resulting art is whispered screams with smaller words emerging from the larger ones, all of them afloat in a sea of color that has its own things to say.

— The Funk House is featuring Lynne Adamson’s “Risque Business,” a show inspired by the sensual photography and French postcards of the Belle Époque. Full disclosure: I once worked with Lynne at the Las Vegas Weekly, where she earned my undying respect for drawing ladies I wanted to marry. Can I marry colored pencil on board? Oh, just you watch me.

— Allan Teger’s “Bodyscapes” continues at Sin City Gallery Photographer Allan Teger shoots black-and-white landscapes. No, wait: Before you allow your eyes to glaze over with the Ansel Adams of it all, you should know that these landscapes are really nudes, dotted with tiny figures to make them look like landscapes. Dolphins frolic in navels; mountaineers scale breasts. And it’s all just weird enough to be brilliant.

Trifecta presents a Valentine’s Day doubleheader that, should you manage to find a date to bring to it, will likely get you laid. The laser-cut wood paintings of Sam Davis’ “Modern Love” illustrate the story of a robot that falls in love with objects that can’t reciprocate, while Anna Tillet’s suggestively titled “Polyamorous” considers the sex lives of lagomorphs. Bunnies! It’s all about dirty bunnies, okay?

— Jana’s Red Room moves into a new Arts Factory space tonight, just next door to Sin City Gallery. The inaugural show is 3 Baaad Sheep’s “Like a Sheep Out of Water,” which I haven’t yet seen. I’m fully prepared to see it wholly on the strength of its title, which tickles me. Besides, Red Room features great work pretty much as a matter of routine.

Tasty Space presents “The Space Between You and Me,” a collaboration between Bill Dambrova and Dat Nguyen. As it happens, the space between these artists is more than psychological: The two artists created their works for this dual show on entirely different coasts.

Meanwhile, in another artistic discipline entirely, Cockroach Theatre at Art Square presents a new play by Rajiv Joseph, the provocatively-titled “Gruesome Playground Injuries.” Brief synopsis: “Over the course of 30 years, the lives of Kayleen and Doug intersect at the most bizarre intervals, leading the two childhood friends to compare scars and the physical calamities that keep drawing them together.” Doesn’t sound that gruesome to me, but you should see the playgrounds I grew up with. Tickets are $18 ($15 for students and seniors).

This Saturday—remember Saturday? Stay with me, here—Artifice welcomes the return of Scarlet, perhaps the most enjoyable goth night I’ve ever attended in this town. DJs Style and Morpheus Blak keep the dance floor lively, and the eye candy is sweet with an aftertaste of bitter almond. The black celebration begins at 10 p.m., and really begins an hour after that.

And Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday, a day of great rejoicing for pretty much everyone else in the world. I don’t much care for  football myself and couldn’t tell you, under pain of death, who is playing who this February 3 in New Orleans. But I can tell you that The Lady Silvia is having a viewing party, and that DJ Bones is playing the pre-show.

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