Will Neon Reverb Survive LIB? Jason Aragon Responds

NRposter Much attention has been given to the announcement of Life Is Beautiful, a music, food and arts festival coming to Downtown on October 26-27. But the twice-yearly Neon Reverb has been featuring national and local musical acts at Downtown venues since 2008. Neon Reverb organizer Jason Aragon weighs in on the impact Life Is Beautiful will have on his festival.

How will the arrival of Life Is Beautiful affect Neon Reverb?

I don’t see it hurting us. I see it as helping Las Vegas. Our main goal when we first started Neon Reverb was to spotlight Vegas as a place for touring and local acts to play. With another festival coming aboard, I think that just helps the scene. And there are 12 months in a year, so as long as they’re not on top of each other, it should be fine.

Is Vegas ready to support another large-scale music festival after the demise of Vegoose after 2008?

Yes. First off, it’s going to be urban rather than at (the fields behind Sam Boyd Stadium). Instead of a festival out in a field, this will be in the heart of Downtown, so I think that will help them greatly.

Will Neon Reverb remain a biannual event with Life Is Beautiful being held in the fall?

I’ve talked to the Life Is Beautiful people about coordinating different things, so I’d say there is a possibility for us to be helping each other out. I would like to scale it back and have it heavy in March, and then maybe something light in tandem with Life Is Beautiful or maybe just a day or two in the fall. I haven’t decided yet. We’re still working on that. But March every year is solid.


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