Jewelry and Minerals: A Not-So-Hidden Gem

Moldavite in my palm, yo! As a Las Vegas native, there are few places in town that I’ve yet to discover. So when I learn of a new-to-me spot like Jewelry and Minerals of Las Vegas (410 E Sahara Ave.), I can’t help but plan an escapade. I’m not sure how this place, which has been in business since 1989, managed to fly under my radar for so many years. Whether you’re looking for a rad piece of jewelry or some home décor, this is a place you need to discover, too.

Jewelry and Minerals is easy enough to find: just look for the triceratops on the roof. Entering the actual store only yields more visual rewards: a selection of precious stones and interesting knickknacks that puts many craft stores to shame, and a selection of jewelry that’s simply fantastic. (Amber and turquoise are popular favorites.) Most everything is reasonably priced, and the store even offers the option to make your own pieces from beads and rocks.

The store resembles an over-packed museum, except you can touch most of the displays. Here, you’ll find a large piece of aquamarine valued at upwards of $500,000. (It retails for less, though.) And if you’re lucky, you’ll get an invite to check out the world’s largest quartz sphere, five-and-one-half feet in diameter and 11,000 pounds, located in the back of the shop. Some believe it has healing qualities.

It’s worth noting that Jewelry and Minerals of Las Vegas also sells moldavite (pictured at top, in my palm), a precious rock that some believe comes from a meteoric impact. Word on the street is that moldavite will be sold through retail for only for a few more years, which means its value will jump in about a decade. It might be the new gold. Maybe.


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