A Hidden Charm in Crestview

l5e656644-m13o EDITOR’S NOTE: We are pleased to introduce Urb Appeal, a twice-monthly real estate column by Pj Perez. Pj will cover Downtown’s trending neighborhoods, peek inside cool houses, talk to the agents covering this area—whatever it takes to get you living in DTLV. Today, he begins with a listing wrapped around a surprise.

Take a peep at the photo above. What do you think you’re looking at? The City of Las Vegas’ Municipal Pool? The YMCA? Look again. If you guessed “a vintage house in middle of one of Las Vegas’ oldest neighborhoods,” well, gold star for you.

This indoor pool can be yours if you’re looking to drop about $260,000 on the house to which it’s attached, which—at $73 per square foot—isn’t a bad deal at all (although it is slightly above the ZIP code median of $69). Although the interior could use an inspired refresher, the house itself is a rare gem: Not only is it a red brick, ranch-style beauty on a corner lot spanning more than a quarter acre, but it’s also a property that, according to county assessor records, has been owned by only one family since its construction in 1963.

Located at 1700 S. 16th St., this four-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath, one-story single-family home is on the southwest corner at Oakey Boulevard, right on the periphery of the Crestview tract. It’s a quiet, surprisingly well-appointed collection of homes situated just east of Marycrest, which itself is directly behind the former Gorman High School (now Academy for Individualized Study/St. Anne’s Catholic School) campus.

Red-brick respectability.

The neighborhood itself is a hidden gem. Comprising Chapman Drive and 16th Street between St. Louis Avenue and Oakey, tiny Crestview doesn’t command the buzz of the officially designated “historic” neighborhoods to the west, but what it lacks in hipsters it makes up for in quality: clean streets, lush foliage, large lots, diverse architecture, and consistently maintained landscaping. Both on 16th and Chapman, you’ll find two of the most pleasant streets in Las Vegas, offering cool, angular roofs in classic midcentury style right alongside New England-influenced, split-level numbers.

And a crazy fortress, too:


If Crestview sounds like your idea of home, however, good luck. Unlike the fast-moving transactions in Southridge, John S. Park and Beverly Green, where houses pop up on the market weekly or daily (often for cozy prices below $200,000), listings in Crestview appear much less frequently, but when they do, they tend to be of high quality. And unlike surrounding tracts, rentals are a rarity.

A current listing at 1704 Chapman Drive looks great from the outside, but has an asking price of $246,000—almost double the ZIP code median. Why so much? We’re not sure. The quarter-acre lot is immaculately landscaped, but aside from an enclosed patio offering an additional 420 square feet of living space and a separate entrance for a housekeeper or caretaker, the specs (and interior) are nothing special. It doesn’t even have a neighborhood-requisite pool (or, you know, a private tennis court, which 1717 Chapman does). That said, the house has been on the market since August and the price has dropped $15,000 in the interim, so if you’re looking to buy into the area, keep an eye on this one, because it likely won’t sell until it comes down below $100 per square foot.


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