Get to Know The Arts District Through 18×18

Honorees of 18b Arts District Day. PHOTO BY HEW BURNEY

Honorees of 18b Arts District Day. PHOTO BY HEW BURNEY

Unsure what 18b means? First of all, tsk tsk… It’s the official name of the Downtown Las Vegas Arts District, of course! (It refers to the 18 blocks that comprise the district.) And second, you might not be alone in not knowing that.

But the current leadership of 18b is intent on solving that problem, and their next step in that direction comes at 6:30 PM on Tuesday, December 10 at the Amanda Harris Gallery of Contemporary Art. Called 18×18, it’s the first in a new speaker series meant to showcase the creative talent in and around the Arts District.

The event picks up where Mayor Carolyn Goodman left off on April 18 of this year, which she proclaimed 18b Arts District Day, says Marc Abelman, president of 18b and co-owner of Insidestyle.

“The board got together and thought we needed to do something for the community,” Abelman says. “Part of our mission is to serve as a community connector. You can only do so much through social media, and as we grow, I believe we’ll need a space, a venue for people to come and talk about things.”

He added that, in the past, 18b meetings have mainly taken place in reaction to hot topics—such as last summer’s proposal by the City to rename Art Way after arts patron Joyce Straus. (The effort failed.) Going forward, Abelman says, he’d like the 18b community to gather regularly and discuss current events before they become contentious issues.

Next week’s 18×18 is meant to set the stage for such ongoing dialog. Modeled on the PechaKucha 20×20 events, 18×18 will feature several pioneers of the Arts District. Each one will present 18 slides and talk about them for 18 seconds per slide.

Organizer Kirsten Clarke, a volunteer for 18b, says that the presentations of 18×18 will include introductions and conclusions, and there will be an audience Q&A at the end. After that, the gathering will adjourn to Lady Silvia, where attendees can enjoy the bar’s signature 18b cocktail at the happy hour price of $6 for the entire evening.

Clarke notes there will be no food served at the event, and recommends stopping by one of the nearby eateries before heading to Amanda Harris.

“The event is meant to offer a relaxed atmosphere and an opportunity to gather with the community,” she says.

Tickets to 18×18 are free and can be reserved here.

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