Paul Dabek Conjures Up Wicked Fun at Inspire

Paul Dabek

This is Paul Dabek. His show “Stand Up and Be Conjured” comes to Inspire this Thursday, January 23 at 7 p.m. I can give you several reasons why you should plunk down $20 to see the show, not the least of which is that Dabek does excellent sleight of hand and tells jokes that are actually funny. Moreover, he’s very nice, dresses in sharp suits, is super-duper British, was recently called a “superb showman” by Time Out London …. and if all that’s not enough for you, know that this man—this chaaaaaarming man—also does what could be the best damned R-rated shadow puppet show you’ve ever seen.

Here’s an excerpt of the clean parts of that puppet show. It cuts off just before things take a turn for the blue.

Bonus: Magician RJ Owens—by night, part of the cast of a certain popular Strip production that rhymes with “miss stair”—is sharing the bill and doing something so secret that even I don’t know what it is. Either way, this is shaping up to be one solid night of entertainment at Downtown’s newest venue. And on a related note, I swear to you I’m gonna learn to do shadow puppets. Inspire is doing its job.

Tickets for “Stand Up and Be Conjured” are $20 and can be purchased in advance here.

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