Art Square’s Beatnik Offers Fashion With an Edge

Beatnik 01

In the ever-evolving landscape of Downtown, Beatnik Clothing Boutique is looking to become a permanent fixture.

Located in Art Square in the heart of the Arts District, owner Shannon Taylor closed up shop just a couple of months after opening its doors last October to revamp the space. February marked the boutique’s return, which now focuses on a larger original clothing selection, including an expanded men’s area, as well as accessories and shoes. For those looking for that old-school Vegas-lounge vibe (think Stetson hats and beaded gowns), Beatnik still carries a vintage collection that Taylor handpicks from local estate sales.

Heavily influenced by music—keep an eye out for retro band tees that Taylor personalizes by cutting into different styles—the boutique is dense on clothes with an edge. From the American vagabond iconography of Midnight Rider to the ’80s throwback vibes of Boy London to Neoclassics freethinking spirit, each brand is carefully selected to reflect Taylor’s aesthetic and effortlessly cool disposition. “The younger generation recognizes it as the hipster, but for my generation it’s beatnik,” she says. “It’s also got a rock and roll, punk vibe.”


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