What Kind of House Can You Get in DTLV for Less Than $150K?

Sure, it’s fun—and relatively easy—to find a sexy house for sale that offers drool-worthy features, sprawling grounds and rates a drug kingpin-level price—whether or not it’s realistic for the average Joe or Jane to ever purchase such an opulent property in his or her lifetime. But spotting the hidden gems, the homes neglected by time (and poor caretakers) but available at killer prices so that savvy buyers can save their hard-earned ducats for restoring these fixer-uppers to their former and future glory? That takes a special kind of vision, my friends.

In the vintage neighborhoods of greater Downtown Las Vegas, however, those bargains can still be found, if you know where to look (hint: the Internet). To get the adventurous home shopper out there started, we found several current DTLV home listings that scream “potential”—and can be had for a relatively serf-friendly price … if you can beat the investors/flippers to them.

First up is a charming, four-bedroom, two-bathroom one-story currently listed at $105,000 at 1733 Canosa Ave., just southeast of the Huntridge neighborhoods. Although some superficial modern remodeling has been done, the 1954 house retains its best feature: raised ceilings with exposed beams. Combined with the open floor plan, this house has a lot more light and space than you’d expect from an under-1,500-square-foot house, and wouldn’t be a bad grab even at asking price.

Just a few blocks from there is a 1,400-square-foot, one-story home at 1817 Howard Ave. With only three bedrooms, one bath, and the exact same lot size as the Canosa property, you may wonder why it’s listed at $110,000, but the Howard house does have a pretty nice backyard with a decent-sized pool and covered patio. On top of that, it has some swell features inside, including a wall of plantation shutters in the living room, checkerboard floors in the kitchen (and a breakfast bar), and a sweet bonus room with brick interiors and freestanding fireplace.

Maybe you’ve been looking at all these cute little cottage homes and thought to yourself, “Sure, these are adorable, but there’s barely enough room to park my Hummer, let alone my Winnebago.” Well, then, 2000 Bonita Ave. might be right up your alley, because it includes gated RV/boat/trailer/tank/elephant parking. To be fair, a) it’s just about as far as we here at DTLV consider still within “Downtown,” and b) despite boasting four bedrooms, two bathrooms and about 1,650 square feet, it does seem a smidge overpriced at $139,900. All that said, this house boasts a swank pool surrounded by a safety gate, perfect for folks with kids or friends who get too drunk at house parties. It also has vaulted ceilings with exposed beams, a skylight, a brick fireplace, some weird wood closet with a built-in dresser, and a presumably decoration-only water well out front. Presumably.

Last stop on this tour is another approximately 1,600-square-foot casa vieja going for $139,000. Located on the western edge of the Westleigh neighborhood at 1242 Douglas Dr., this three-bedroom, one-bath bungalow built in 1953 is kinda funky, but it got my attention with its checkered kitchen floor (yeah, I’m a sucker for that), open layout (replete with a seemingly useless but interesting half wall) and hardwood floors—plus the fact that so few houses ever come up for sale in this area. That said, a lot of half-hearted modernizing was done to the interiors, so there’s an odd mix of styles going on, but that makes it the perfect project house for someone creative with the right set of skills—including price negotiation.


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