Cowtown Guitars Owners Bring Rocker Chic to Main Street

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There’s a reason rock stars don’t wear Dockers. For Cowtown Guitars owners and Crazy Chief band members Roxie and Jesse Amoroso, it’s important that what they wear be as distinctive as the six-strings strapped around their necks. The married couple will open Exile on Main Street boutique next to their well-known, 20-year-old Main Street guitar shop next week. But instead of Fender Strats or Orange Amps, their new store will stock unique fashion, raw denim and custom vintage accessories.

Exile on Main Street–the name is a nod to the Rolling Stones’ 1972 album with the same title–will feature both wild ‘80s garb and more polished, mod items, ranging in price from $3 to $400. It’s apparel for rockers who give a damn, or as Jesse puts it, those who say, “I will spend a lot of money to look like a dirt bag.”

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The Amorosos say they’ve cultivated exclusive relationships with designers to bring Las Vegans clothing and accessories not typically found here.

New York City-based jewelry line C’est Magnifique, best known for adorning the fingers of Iggy Pop and Keith Richards with its anatomically correct skull rings, will export its pieces to the boutique. Exile will be the only store besides the jeweler’s original East Village shop to carry the one-of-a-kind rings.

The store will also offer a collection of vintage handbags, from Hermès to Louis Vuitton, as well as Chanel costume jewelry from decades past.

Denim—high-quality, raw and salvaged—is a major focus for the duo, who know the value of good jeans after living in the same pair for a month or two on tour. On-site denim repair, a rarity in smaller clothing stores, will be available courtesy of Roxie….because how badass is it to have Crazy Chief’s bassist hemming your jeans?

Exile on Main Street, 1007 S. Main St. Opens to the public June 6.

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