Coming Up: Sky Ferreira, Viva Ska Vegas and Wonderland

Sky Story

Summer is to Las Vegas as winter is to Minneapolis: It’s the four months we put up with so we can fully enjoy the other eight. Even a minute fluctuation in temperature—between 95 and 100 degrees, let’s say—can affect whether or not we choose to go outside. There are things to do out there, but we prefer to do them after dark or, better still, after dark from a floating mat in a swimming pool.

But we’re also a hale and hearty breed, we Las Vegans. “Too hot” isn’t nearly hot enough. We sleep on fire pits to keep cool. We drink lava smoothies to get our hearts started in the morning. And just because it’s hot enough outside to steam an artichoke in our knickers, we’re still going out there, because fun things are happening.

Take, for example, First Friday. The official First Friday organizing group might be taking July off, but new art will be hung in the galleries anyway; it’ll be like Preview Thursday times two. And First Friday—the organizing entity—isn’t exactly taking the whole month off: Yesterday, they issued a call for artists to submit proposals for the August 1 art walk. The theme for First Friday August is “Wonderland,” and they’re looking for “whimsical, magical and wondrous (art) installations” in the spirit of the works of Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo and Joan Miro. Submissions must be received before midnight on July 10, and include “a full written description of the concept accompanied by sketches, illustrations, dimensions, description of materials and all operating requirements.” Send the whole jabberwocky through the looking-glass at

Looking deeper into the furnace, July 18 brings the second show of the Under The Lights concert series at Container Park, this one featuring dance-pop ingenue Sky Ferreira (pictured above). Ferreira’s Tumblr page advises us to “act like you don’t already follow her on Twitter – as if you haven’t Googled her, or checked her out on Wikipedia,” and by golly, it works: I hadn’t done any of those things, or heard one note of her music, until I began writing this blurb ten minutes ago. So far, I’m liking what I’m hearing; I can detect the influence of Garbage’s Shirley Manson, who helped to produce her 2013 album Night Time, My Time. I can think of many worse rock singers to emulate, and few better. I’d definitely consider heading down to Container Park on the 18th to see if she can seal the deal. The Under The Lights concerts are more than simple outdoor shows; they take advantage of the full Container Park space, with art installations and outdoor lounges, and they’re great fun. Doorly, Technicolor and DJ Zo share the bill with Ferreira, and tickets are $26.

(And while we’re in Container Park: Cayucas plays a free show here on July 29, their first Downtown appearance since Life Is Beautiful 2013. Free!)

Speaking of advance tickets, you definitely want get $25 advance tickets to Viva Ska Vegas, coming to Fremont Country Club on September 20. This will be the Punk Rock Bowling of two-tone, with a lineup that includes The Untouchables, Five Iron Frenzy, Chris Murray, Authority Zero, Skapeche Mode, Guttermouth and more, pickin’ it up on two stages (one inside, one outside). I don’t have much more to say about this event, save for these two things: It will almost certainly sell out, and I will definitely be there. Few things are more fun than a ska show, no matter the weather.

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