In Rumors: Wednesdays Downtown Grows, Resnicks Shorts Out


Welcome to the dog days, friends and neighbors. Last time, we told you that the Las Vegas Boulevard-facing retail spot at Soho Lofts—a 4,000-ish square foot space that’s part vacant and part occupied by Resnicks Grocery—was up for sale. Since then, we have learned the asking price of the space ($1.3 mil), and have confirmed that, sadly, Resnicks Grocery is permanently closed and its space is vacant. Already, some restaurateurs have been sniffing around the place, which for some time was rumored to become the Downtown location for Summerlin coffee fave Sambalatte. We still wouldn’t mind having them there.

One wonders if the unit being available for sale makes it more or less attractive to potential retail tenants. With foodie joints like Settebello Pizza and Greens & Proteins still said to be eyeing Downtown, the idea of a quality food and beverage spot landing at Soho Lofts makes our bellies happy. The Arts District’s luxury residential building is often credited with jump-starting downtown redevelopment before there was such a thing, and is home to the Lady Silvia lounge, Globe Salon and the Amanda Harris Gallery.

Rumors of Resnicks’ demise have been circulating for some time, right alongside rumors that another Arts District business—Main Street craft brewery Hop Nuts—wasn’t going to open at all. We’re happy to report that the latter story is false. Brewmaster Kevin Holder tells us that the build-out has proved more difficult than he initially thought it would be: “It’s tough turning an empty furniture store into a brewery,” he says. However, they’re still on track and hoping for a late September-early October opening, and Holder happily adds that Hop Nuts’ seven BBL brewery is already on site. And the streetfront patio seating area they’ll share with Makers & Finders café looks pretty close to finished, too.

We recently mentioned that The Goodwich, the ridiculously successful sandwich stand in the Dino’s parking lot, was possibly eyeing a Fremont East location. This past week, as we scarfed up the delicious street snacks on tap for Taco Tuesday at Park on Fremont, we noticed two things: the neighboring Radio City Pizza was oddly closed, while inside sat the Goodwich guys, poring over paperwork on the counter. Pizza and sammies? We can’t argue with that possibility.

Speaking of open secrets, it looks like one of our favorite secret parking areas is kaput. Forget secret pizza; we like secret parking! In early August, the El Cortez turned over management of their private spots—located in a lot along Jackie Gaughan Drive, immediately south of The Ogden—to the City of Las Vegas. What does this mean to you and we? Firstly, it means that parking rates are now always $3 an hour, with a $10 flat rate after 6pm. Also: City parking enforcement is in effect, meaning those Smart Car-piloting enforcers will frequent the lot looking for scofflaws. If your meter (or your license plate) is expired, or you pull into the spot backwards, you can expect to be ticketed. It also means that we’re more likely to snag a spot there on the weekends, since prior enforcement was little more than a warning letter … which encouraged many to park there, not pay, and never leave. That was, y’know, kinda our secret. But we’re happy to get with the program. Most nighttime parking in Los Angeles is, like, $20 minimum.

Let’s close out by talking about something that’s both free and freeing: Wednesdays Downtown, the Fremont East block party that took over our main drag last May, is returning this October … and from what we’re hearing, everything about it is bigger and better. (Full disclosure: served as the event sponsor in May, and we’ll probably do the same when Wednesdays returns … but we don’t actually organize the event, so what you’re about to read is new to us, too.) The street games might be joined by a putting green or two. The happy hour component is supersizing with more offerings; what organizers once called “the World’s Best Happy Hour” might become the biggest in our known galaxy. And best of all, the event itself might double in size: Instead of running four weeks, this iteration of Wednesdays Downtown might run close to two months. Their goal is to have the last event the night before Thanksgiving, so that you can come to your family dinner as nature intended: completely hung-over and starving. Glad tidings!


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