The Downtown Drink ‘n’ Draw Happens Tonight

D&D Story

Like to draw? Like to drink? Capable of doing both in glorious concert? You should had to The Beat tonight at 7 p.m. for the monthly Drink ‘n’ Draw. Hosted by Sofar Sounds’ Carina Arriaga and 80s Kid Ryan Brunty, this monthly event is exactly what you think it is: A chance for you to draw beer and drink pictures. Wait: strike that, reverse it.

Brunty says that Drink ‘n’ Draw, which is quite fittingly sponsored by First Friday and Southern Wine & Spirits, does have a community-building component … but there’s nothing in-your-face about it.

“There’s such a focus on the tech scene Downtown; everybody is worried about their app, their startup. I think the notion of community is kinda getting lost,” says Brunty. “It’s nice to have everyone come down here and just drink and draw and meet each other. There’s something therapeutic about drawing with other people.”

Some of the themes of Drink ‘n’ Draw events past include “Draw Your Dad” and “Don’t Draw a Penis,” which I imagine is even more difficult than it sounds. It’s just good fun, and you should check it out tonight at 7. Ninjabot will be the special guest artist. The beer will flow and the ink will spill. And your odds of seeing a poorly disguised doodle of a penis are at least 50/50.

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