What’s the Proper Way To Say ‘Huntridge’?


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What’s the proper way to say ‘Huntridge’?

Who knew this was a problem? Though given recent efforts to revitalize the Streamline Moderne theater (which opened at Charleston Boulevard and Maryland Parkway in 1944), I guess it was bound to come up. As someone who waited with my grandmother in lines stretching about 100 feet to the street to score a seat for first-run Disney movies at the Huntridge, and who then enjoyed dozens of concerts during the theater’s second (perhaps third?) life, I’m one of those who embraces the soft, rolling pronunciation of “Hun-tridge,” rather than the hard-syllable “Hunt-ridge” I’ve occasionally heard. Still, that’s not as cringe-inducing as “Ne-VAW-duh” … though residents of the Huntridge neighborhood may disagree.


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