Check Out the 2014 Life Is Beautiful Festival Footprint

LIB 2014 Footprint

The Downtown footprint of the 2014 Life Is Beautiful festival (October 24-26! Getcha tickets!) is about what we expected it to be. It covers less area than last year, and it excludes some venues that were part of last year’s festival (including the El Cortez and virtually all the bars and restaurants of Fremont East)—but it also includes venues that didn’t exist last year, namely Container Park, the repurposed Western Hotel and that place called Place. On the balance, you’re getting the same bang for the buck, land-wise … and this new blueprint allows the bars of Fremont East to stay open late for after-parties, something they weren’t able to do while part of the festival grounds. Nicely played, LIB. Next question: Where in the hell should we park?

Vegas Seven