This Weekend: Ghouls and Apple Pie

Halloween Parade Story

Holy crap, the kids are coming and I don’t have so much as a dried-up Werther’s to give ’em. I’m gonna make this fast so I can get out to the store and get some sugar for the adorable lil’ punks. Every fifth one dressed like that ice queen from “Frozen,” no doubt.

Tonight is Halloween. My colleague Camille Cannon has a great Halloween “cheat sheet” at Vegas Seven; see it here. Basically, there are events at nearly every Downtown bar, including a video game-themed costume contest at Insert Coin(s) and a “Nightmare Before Christmas” party at Artifice. Also, there’s an all-female Pearl Jam tribute band, the anything-but-dainty Grrl Jam, playing at Bunkhouse with local supergroup Halloween Town; Inspire is screening two classic horror films, including the original “Halloween”; Fremont Country Club is having a proper Downtown Massacre, with proceeds benefitting The Gay and Lesbian Center of Southern Nevada; The Neon Museum hosts its Boneyard Bash, a proper sideshow carnival with midway games and more; Backstage Bar and Billiards is doing a special version of its new wave dance party Rewind, featuring the music of Erasure; and oh yeah, the 5th Annual Las Vegas Halloween Parade returns to Fremont Street, and to our hearts and minds.

Hey, about that: The Halloween Parade is a real city institution now, one that only gets bigger with every passing year. No matter where you go tonight, you should be on the Parade route at 7 p.m., cheering on your friends, neighbors and co-workers in their most gruesome or (depending on how well you know the person) uncomfortably sexual attire. This is the closest Las Vegas comes to a Mardi Gras. Be a part of it if you can.

Saturday: On the off chance that you aren’t completely and utterly undone by the excesses of Friday night, the Beat Coffeehouse is holding a nice, wholesome Apple Pie Contest, beginning at 3 p.m. This is a new Downtown tradition I can really get behind. Who does make the best apple pie in Las Vegas? Is it you? Is it me? No, no, it’s not me. But it might be you, and at the risk of sounding inappropriate, I can’t wait to find out what your apple pie tastes like. (My guess: apples.)


Vegas Seven