In Downtown News: Zappos Consolidates; Tow Trucks Gather

Tow Truck

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WAREHOUSE STORES AND STORIES: According to the Louisville Courier-Journal, Zappos plans to move a discount outlet from its Shepherdsville, KY. fulfillment center to Downtown Las Vegas. Local sources say that it will be operated as an extension of Zappos’ brand, and though no location has been announced, the smart money seems to be on the Western Hotel building, currently being operated as a Zappos pop-up shop. According to the Courier-Journal, there are no plans to move the fulfillment center itself, and there’s no firm timetable set for the move. We’ll have more details here as they become available.

GOT THE HOOKUP: Earlier today, friend of DTLV Jerry Misko reported that “a squad of tow trucks” is “setting up base camp at 9th under the 95” and targeting cars parked in the Downtowner lot at 8th and Fremont. He said that he watched them tow away at least seven cars within 20 minutes, and strongly advises that you move your car “if you’re parked anywhere questionable.”

EDITOR’S NOTE, JANUARY 8: A representative from the City of Las Vegas says that the City is not responsible for yesterday’s towing party: “The vehicles mentioned in the article were towed from the Downtowner lot yesterday, but not by the city,” the representative says. “The Downtown Project warned the construction workers at the venue over a month ago that they couldn’t park in the lot in question, and it was the Downtown Project that had them towed … The city doesn’t have the authorization or legal ability to tow vehicles from lots unless they are chalked, tagged and allowed to remain there for a minimum of 24 hours.”

We appreciate the clarification. And either way, the message is clear: If you come Downtown, park in legal or metered spots. The age of Downtown free parking is drawing to a close.


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