‘Sin’ Worth Paying For

Sin City Gallery needs your help to print up some nice, dirty books

Every year, Sin City Gallery presents 12 Inches of Sin, a juried show of erotic art from all over the world. There are no restrictions on the pieces artists can submit for possible inclusion in the show, save for one: The art piece can be no larger than one foot square. So it is written, so let’s get the yardstick.

However, there are no limits on how much the event itself can grow. Sin City’s owner and creative director, Dr. Laura Henkel, would like to expand our idea of what 12 Inches of Sin can be, beginning with it being the source of some stylish and very NSFW coffee table books. There are still two weeks to go in Sin City’s Kickstarter campaign “12 Inches of Sin: So Much Art You Can Barely Fit it All In”—a fundraising drive which, if successful, will allow for the printing of four, count ’em, hardcover books of award-winning erotic art.

If you’re already sold on the idea, we suggest you go to the 12 Inches Kickstarter page right now and kick in some money towards their $25,000 goal, and maybe blush a bit at the names of the pledge premiums (everything from “Stick It Places” to “The Orgy”). But on the chance that you’re not ready to commit—perfectly natural, don’t let it bother you—we asked Dr. Henkel to talk us through it.

What exactly are we doing here, Doc?

The purpose of this campaign is to raise funds to print hardcover books. I submitted PDFs of these books and retailers want them. Orders have already been placed, but I have no product to give.

Why print books?

Well, artists come from all over the world for the opening night for 12 Inches, and I wanted to give them something more. This is really for the artists. I wasn’t really thinking that 12 Inches was going to turn into any kind of money-making opportunity … but in our fourth year, we had 300 submissions, and all together, we’ve had 20 countries participate. This year, artists are coming in from Bulgaria and, potentially, Iraq. It’s just amazing, who shows up. This campaign really amounts to getting something for the artists to be proud of and to use in their portfolios, because this particular type of art is always so misunderstood and under-represented. This will legitimize and give more credibility to what they’re doing.

You’re having some fun with the fundraising aspect. “Stick It Places?”

I designed this Kickstarter this way because the exhibition is serious. When you get on a crowdfunding platform, you’re like everyone else. You know Gary Larson?

Sure, The Far Side.

I have a desk calendar of his, the kind you pull off the dates. One of them had a sea of penguins, and there’s one penguin jumping up, singing, “I gotta be me.” I just needed to stand out. Creating these double entendres all the way through the campaign was just my way of saying, “Take a look.”

Be sure to take a look at “12 Inches of Sin: So Much Art You Can Barely Fit it All In.” The Kickstarter campaign ends at 11:59 p.m., March 31, 2015.

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