Photo by Jon Estrada

The Goodwich Is Movin’ On Up to Soho Lofts

What do you get when you cross the best sandwiches in Las Vegas with central air conditioning? Why, you get a new location for The Goodwich, scheduled to open possibly as early this September in the former Resnicks Market space at Soho Lofts, near Las Vegas Boulevard and Charleston.

Contracts are signed, and Goodwich’s chef Joshua Clark says design work is already underway.

“We’re hoping for a three-month turnaround, if not a little bit less, ” Clark says.

Photo by Anthony Mair. Top photo by Jon Estrada

Photo by Anthony Mair. Top photo by Jon Estrada

If the thought of Downtown’s premier sandwich shop moving into a climate-controlled space with a larger kitchen doesn’t get your mouth watering, odds are good you haven’t yet tried what they have to offer. Every one of their sandwiches—from the fat-stacked corned beef-and-swiss Reubenish (pictured left) to their distinctive chef’s specials like the Roasted Cauliflower (above)—is a kind of masterwork, a hit song for your mouf. It’s little wonder that crowds flock to The Goodwich’s current outdoor kiosk location (at Las Vegas Boulevard and Wyoming Avenue), no matter how freaking hot it is outside. Goodwich sandwiches aren’t so much a habit as they are an addiction.

Moving into a larger space, says Clark, will allow the kitchen to make a greater variety of those addictive eats.

“I actually wrote the (original Goodwich) business plan for a bigger space,” says Clark, adding that the future of the current Goodwich kiosk hasn’t yet been decided. “We’re looking at expanding the menu a little bit. I’m going to add on a few salads, some gluten free options, some more healthful options.”

And some timely options, too, Clark says.

“It may or may not be this way for every Goodwich that we open, but at Soho, we’re going to be open early mornings for simple coffee and breakfast. I’m not looking to become the next giant breakfast place, but we’ll try and do things the best we can for the surrounding businesses and condos.”

The Goodwich will continue to deliver food through the Postmates app (“I have a good relationship with them,” Clark says), and once the new location is open, they’ll likely add a delivery service of their own—”a small car, also a bicycle rider or two”—to serve nearby businesses and residents who don’t want to try to snag some of Goodwich’s expected 40 to 45 seats during the lunchtime rush.

“It’s going to be fun and exciting to see what we can do out of a proper space.”

The only possible downside to the move is losing the large free parking lot that the Goodwich shares with Dino’s Lounge. However, there are a number of free parallel parking spots adjacent to Soho which are rarely occupied except by customers of Globe Salon, located a few doors down. And nearby Fourth Street has lots and lots of free parking spots.

If parking becomes an issue, solutions will be found, Clark says. Right now, he’s focusing only on the possibilities this move will offer.

“It’s going to be fun and exciting to see what we can do out of a proper space, with a proper built-out kitchen,” he says.

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