Hell Yes, All of Us

We don’t really have anything to add to everything you’ve read today on the Supreme Court’s long overdue ruling that the insitution of marriage is a right belonging to every American, regardless of their gender and sexual orientation. I don’t think we could add anything at this point, anyway; we’re mostly regarding each other in the office with dumb, beatific grins, and talking shit about Antonin Scalia. (“Jiggery-pokery?” Who in the Sam Hill talks like that?)

Housekeeping-wise, we should mention that there’s a big celebration and rally happening tonight at 5:30 at The Center. And if you’re new to town and wondering why Las Vegas isn’t having a full-on Pride celebration this weekend like they are in several other major cities, it’s because we have our LGBT Pride celebration and parade in September, when it’s still hot enough to party but cool enough to dance without passing out. In the meantime, gather your friends and loved ones together and just enjoy this day. Make an entire weekend of it. No, a lifetime.

And oh yeah, you’ve got to try Mother Jones’ Antonin Scalia Insult Generator. It’s a fucking hoot-and-a-half. Just ask the nearest hippie!

Vegas Seven