The Gargoyle. Photo by Jessie O'Brien

A Cocktail Preview of Bastille on 3rd

Snick’s Place has transformed into Bastille on 3rd thanks to the new owners, who bought the local institution in December. Robert Largo and Guy Sheets, who also own east Flamingo bar the Garage, shelled out for renovations and a new cocktail menu to go with the new name. But don’t worry: It’s still the oldest—and only—gay bar in Downtown.

Recently I had the chance to sample a few of mixologist Freddy Godínez’s cocktails from Bastille’s large menu, and was surprised at the quality I got for the price. You can even get two cocktails for one during any of Bastille’s three happy hours, which has to be the best cocktail deal in town. They have cocktail pitchers, too. Here’s an overview of three of their new offerings.

Monte Carlo Margarita. Photo by Jessie O'Brien

Monte Carlo Margarita. Photo by Jessie O’Brien

The Gargoyle

Pictured at top, The Gargoyle is made with Bulleit Bourbon, fresh lemon, blueberries, blackberries and mint. It’s cool, easy to drink and just what I needed after the hot and excruciating five-foot walk from my car to their door. The beautiful color of the cocktail comes from its blend of fresh berries with no fake juices of syrups added, which is a rarity for a low-key gaming bar. $8

Monte Carlo Margarita

Made with jalapeno-infused tequila, citrus Spanish liqueur Licor 43, house-made sour mix, agave and fresh lime, this margarita was my favorite of the three cocktails I sampled. I’m partial to spicy drinks, and this one has some heat. Using infused tequila, as opposed to muddled jalapenos, results in a smoother, less abrasive spice. Those who aren’t big on zest shouldn’t shy away from this cocktail. $9

Photo by Jessie O'Brien

Eiffel Tower. Photo by Jessie O’Brien

Eiffel Tower

This champagne cocktail is made with mandarin vodka, agave nectar, fresh citrus and blackberries topped with sparkling wine. Careful: This one is definitely deadly. It’s all too easy to put down four or more of these. Plus, you get the added benefit of drinking from a flute glass in a gaming bar, which makes you look super-important and/or ridiculous. $9

Bastille on 3rd, 1402 S. Third St., (702) 385-9298.

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