Good Music, Good Times: Oddfellows is Coming to Downtown

The corner of Sixth and Ogden streets has been a lonely one since the cocktail and charcuterie spot Scullery closed early this year. But come August, the corner venue will reopen … this time with some nightlife flair.

Oddfellows will be a video club with a laid-back atmosphere, according to owner Harvey Graham. Translation: No bottle service, no dress code. Just good tunes, good videos and good times.

Oddfellows will be a dance club for people who don’t like dance clubs.

“[It’s] a dance club for people who don’t like dance clubs,” Graham says.

Originally from central Florida, Graham decided to open a video club in Las Vegas after he noticed an old friend’s name in a Wired article about the Downtown Project he was reading on a plane. He took it as a sign. “That’s pretty much my whole life. [It’s] full of coincidences like that, and I tend to follow them,” he says. “It took me to Vegas; it took me to Austin; it took me to Houston.”

Graham co-owns similar concepts in those Texas cities, both called Barbarella. He also has decades of video jockeying (VJing) under his belt. “I am probably one of the very few people who can say this, [but] I DJed on VHS tapes,” he says.

Similar to its Texan counterparts, Oddfellows will feature rotating theme nights that Graham hopes will bring the same vibe and camaraderie. Grits and Gravy night will feature classic soul, Motown and rock ‘n’ roll. Footloose Fridays is ’80s night, and New Noise will be the spotlight for current counter-culture and indie jams with artists like Tame Impala, Black Lips and our very own Shamir.

Hopefully, Barberella’s most popular theme–TuezGayz–will come to Oddfellows as well, but Graham is still looking for the right person to VJ. Also, prepare your hair for Emo night, a new monthly concept that springs from Los Angeles and is a huge hit at the Barbarellas.

Driving home the “everyone is welcome” ideal, the Oddfellows name itself comes from the 18th-century secret fraternity that focused on community. Graham is even using an authentic Independent Order of Odd Fellows neon sign for the club (pictured above).

“At Barberella, douchebags and hipsters coexist very well together,” he says. “It’s very strange.”

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