Changing The Beat

Downtown's original coffeehouse, cafe and meeting space has expanded its offerings

Big changes are taking place at The Beat. Underage students and kids can now go to evening art events and comedy nights that were previously restricted to the 21-and-over crowd. Thanks to a new licensing agreement with the City of Las Vegas, the Fremont East coffeehouse now serves beer, wine and a limited liquor selection all day long, while allowing minors full access to a dedicated non-bar area.

The Beat’s co-operator Jennifer Cornthwaite hopes that parents will bring their kids any time they like.

“All these changes are what we had originally envisioned for The Beat and Emergency Arts,” says Cornthwaite. “Five years ago, when we first opened, it was difficult to get parents and kids (to visit) Downtown. People now want to visit with their families.”

The Beat’s draw is not just in its prime Fremont East location, its coffee or its delicious housemade sandwiches, salads and small plates. The coffeehouse has a lot of great all-ages events coming up on their calendar. In September, they plan to introduce outdoor seating and to bring in more bands for Friday and Saturday night events.

Even though the spoken word series Human Experience no longer takes place at The Beat, we’re holding out for another Monday night poetry slam. Cornthwaite says they’re open to suggestions. She hopes to host a group for downtown residents with children, or maybe a wine tasting.

No matter what new things take place at The Beat, we’ll always think of it as the place on the corner that’s always tuned in to the pulse of Downtown.

“I like to be a facilitator of what the community wants,” says Cornthwaite.“We’re just the catalyst for things to happen in this space. People can come in and ask the people behind the counter what’s going on tonight, or for a restaurant recommendation.”

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