Making Alleys Beautiful

Downtown Las Vegas has a good bit of pedestrian appeal with sidewalks, streetlights and storefronts. The alleys behind those streetscapes are less appealing, but the City’s new Alley Activation program partners with businesses to give those spaces style and substance.

“We came up with a few ideas for locations and then we started reaching out to property owners to see if they’re interested,” says Courtney Mooney of the Las Vegas Planning Department, adding that they are seeking alleys “that would be used for events or if restaurants wanted to spill out.” Locations under consideration are the alley running parallel to Fremont Street between Sixth Street and Las Vegas Boulevard, as well as an area adjacent to Art Square on First Street.

“The critical component is the partnership between the City and the property owners,” Mooney says. The City would do infrastructure work, such as paving, drainage and utility hookups and possibly consolidated trash. Property owners and businesses would be responsible for painting, lighting, furnishings and maintenance.

The alleys would still be public right-of-ways and take deliveries in the earlier hours. “They’re worker bees during the day and they dress up at night,” says Marc Abelman, president of the 18b Las Vegas Arts District organization, adding that “it’s a good idea for beautifying—inviting people down here and making them feel safe.” 

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