Face Paintings Inspired by Life Is Beautiful Street Artists

Photography Anthony Mair. | Produced by One Luv Agency, OneLuvAgency.com. | Key Makeup Artist Jasmine Ringo. | Makeup Natasha Chamberlin, Aimee Caballero Using MAC Cosmetics (One Luv Agency). | Hair Kimberly Layman (One Luv Agency). | Models Nina Black (Bordalo II). Liberty (Pixel Pancho). Olesa (Ruben Sanchez). Cory (Bikismo). BEST Agency.

Photo by Anthony Mair

Portuguese street artist Bordalo II uses trash, recycled junk and found objects to create 3-D installations. “[Bordalo] has a notable raccoon mural that we re-created using recycled trash from a makeup artist’s bin. You’ll see powder puffs, mascara wands, glitter and rhinestones, even lace to create our version,” makeup artist Jasmine Ringo says.

See the mural: Ninth Street and Fremont Street.


Italian artist Pixel Pancho specializes in large-scale works often depicting androids juxtaposed with an ancient, dusty hue. “Pixel Pancho is heavily influenced by robots. [We translated his style] with a little touch and used the pattern that shows up quite frequently in the work, which is that yellow and black texture,” Ringo says.

See the mural: Seventh Street and Fremont Street, on El Cortez’s parking structure.


Spanish artist Ruben Sanchez is known for geometric graffiti inspired by cubism and ’80s music. “Sanchez does beautiful color blocking that lends itself well to face painting. He has some cool pieces that come together to make faces within his murals, so we stuck with his forms and shapes,” Ringo says.

See the mural: On the exterior wall of Inspire Theater, facing Las Vegas Boulevard.


Puerto Rican artist Bikismo paints realistic, large-scale works and most recently has achieved notoriety for his series of metallics. “The goal was to represent Bikismo’s chrome texture in beauty form. We could have taken this in so many ways, but we settled for the most straightforward approach—body painting with dripping chrome down the model’s face,” Ringo says.

See the mural: On the Emergency Arts building, facing Fremont Street.

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