Damn, It Feels Good To Be a VIP

All Las Vegans love to be called that thrill-inducing three-letter acronym: VIP. And that special access is no longer just reserved for the casino and the nightclub. Life Is Beautiful’s Very Important Persons will be treated to upgraded restrooms, expedited entry, the option to purchase bottle service and food from Nobu and Hearthstone, and, at the upper echelons, hosted food and drink. Here’s the breakdown of what money will and won’t buy you.


Life Is Beautiful’s VIP and All In Pass packages will have you singing I’m so fancy the second you put that wristband on. For $595 (VIP) or $2,495 (All In), three days of superb access awaits you.

VIP passholders have permission to party in the misted VIP tents alongside the Downtown and Ambassador Stages, which have dedicated express entry lanes. VIP also gets you priority seating for the Learning Series, a swag bag with a water bottle and fan, VIP cash bars and the ability to purchase pizza and gelato from Salute at Red Rock. And, for the sake of irony, complimentary flower crowns will also be available.

All In Pass wristband holders will be treated to the coveted Artists Lounge, featuring activations from MAC Cosmetics, Grass Roots Juicery, Audeze and Red Bull, plus complimentary beverages and culinary demos such as Grazing Pig Food Group’s “Chicken Swing Set.” At this level, there is platinum viewing of the main stage, free parking and one free ticket to the Life Is Beautiful kickoff event Grills & Guitars at Foxtail at SLS on September 24.

Hyde Out

If you love the vibe of a nightclub-style VIP area in the style of the Electric Daisy Carnival’s Marquee Deck, then Hyde Out will be just the right place to party. Adjacent to the Downtown Stage, SBE’s Hyde Nightclub hosts the tables and cabana area, which includes three levels of pricing ($3,000 to $7,500) and special Hyde Out entry tickets. Those who spend the dough are privy to a minimum applicable toward food and beverage; a dedicated drop-off, entrance and pick-up zone; bathrooms far above Honey Bucket status, culinary options such as pizza from Hearthstone and sushi from Nobu; and a table area with a dedicated lounge.

Just Forget It

Word on the street is that there’s another super-secret space at Life Is Beautiful, but permission to enter can’t be bought; it’s all about who you know. The “Partner Pad” is rumored to be accessible by invite only, and it’s reserved for the partners of the festival and their special guests. Seriously, don’t bother asking. You won’t get in.

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