Cornish Pasty Co. Is on the Move to the Arts District

Cornish Pasty Co.—a restaurant specializing in traditional meat, potato and veggie-stuffed English pasties—is moving from its somewhat obscure location in East Sahara’s Commercial Center to a more visible spot in the Arts District in late spring.

“We don’t have that bar crowd, and that’s what we are missing right now,” co-owner John Bender says. “Everything else is great, but we don’t have people hanging out. I think that is partly to do with the location we’re in right now, because it’s a destination spot.”

The long and narrow new 4,300-square-foot space at 10 E. Charleston Boulevard is more than double the size of the current location, and will include a full-service bar. The new restaurant will remain open until 2 a.m., with the full menu served till close.

Cornish Pasty Co.'s new location at

Cornish Pasty Co.’s new location at 10 E. Charleston Boulevard. 

There will also be some minor changes to the menu and better-quality ingredients, Bender says. Once only available during St. Patrick’s Day, the Guinness stew pasty will appear on the permanent menu along with a roast-beef pasty and a few extra sides and appetizers.

Bender says he has no plans to change the restaurant’s atmosphere. It will have an open-kitchen concept and the same furniture. The Arts District location, however, will boast a 1,200-square-foot indoor/outdoor patio with large skylights and garage doors that open into the back alley for additional seating. Bender plans to use the patio area for live music performances and art shows.

Cornish Pasty Co. will remain open at its existing location until it’s time to make the move, so you will only have to go a few days without your fix.

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