Unleashing the Force at Spectral Gallery

Rebel Heart: Jska Priebe's portrait of Leia Organa Solo.

Rebel Heart: Jska Priebe’s portrait of Leia Organa Solo.

Star Wars warrants appreciation for many things—a solid plot, interesting lore—but it’s the characters that breathe life into the venerable series. Throughout December and January, Spectral Gallery treasures the characters and settings you’ve come to love in a Star Wars group art show. All its works were created by locals, and the show includes everything from a bloody portrait of “Carrie” Fisher to acrylic canvases of Yoda.

Artist Jska Priebe—one of Spectral’s co-owners—contributed one of the show’s standout pieces (not counting an adorable Ewok), a portrait of Leia Organa Solo. “I love her character because she’s kind of a smartass,” Priebe says. “She knows what she wants.” Stylistically, Priebe’s portrait of Leia could have been part of the artist’s 2012 series Stellar: The Women of Science Fiction, which featured such sci-fi icons as Alien’s Ellen Ripley and Firefly’s River Tam, but Priebe purposely left the popular heroine out of that series; in her mind, it came off “too obvious.” But in Spectral’s Star Wars show, Leia shines—just as brightly as she continues to do in the saga. 


Through Jan. 31, Spectral Art Gallery, 1800 Industrial Rd., Suite 104 D, SpectralArtGallery.com.

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