Strip vs. Downtown By the Numbers

Whether it’s for clubs, craps or conventions, people keep coming to Las Vegas in droves. In fact, 2015 set a new tourism record, with more than 42 million visitors making their way to Sin City. While most are staying on the Strip, some are making their way Downtown. The numbers for the properties around Fremont Street may still be dwarfed by those farther south, but they are rising.

hotelresidencyillustrationHotel Occupancy


Strip (+.5% from last year)


Downtown (+3.4%)

hotelbedillustrationAverage Daily Room Rate


Strip (+2.8%)


Downtown (+4.9%)

gamblingillustrationGaming Revenue

$5.747 billion

Strip (-1.2%)

$498 million

Downtown (+6.4%)

* All numbers through November 2015

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