Small Space Fest Is Open to Big Ideas

Artists Elizabeth Colon Nelson, Heidi Rider and Adriana Chavez are the minds behind Small Space Fest, a new one-day-only arts festival taking over the Emergency Arts building on June 20. The three women were moved by the potential of the building and the “bubbling up” of Las Vegas’ art culture.

“Every time we go down these halls, something else inspiring happens to us,” says Nelson. “There has been so much life and so many things have happened in here and yet, it still seems like the vibration is like, ‘I’m ready for the next thing.’”

The goal is to bring visual and performing artists together for one night to transform every square inch of the building, whether that means a burlesque show taking over the elevator or an artist creating an entire world in a small drawer in a supply cabinet.

An open call for artists from all over is going until midnight on March 6.

“We want artists to feel like this is the place to come and go for it,” says Rider. “We really want to give [the] freedom for their artist imagination to go as wild as they can make it.”

 Visit for submission guidelines.

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