A Quick Take With Colleen Green

Aside from crafting cute, quirky ’60s-inspired bubblegum power-pop, Colleen Green is known for her DIY approach to making music. She recorded her first drum machine-backed songs by herself—in friends’ bedrooms or her own—and designs her own merchandise. Her latest LP, I Want to Grow Up, takes a small step away from that notion; she teamed up with JEFF the Brotherhood’s Jake Orrall and former Diarrhea Planet member Casey Weissbuch to give her new tunes extra oomph. Sample them firsthand when Colleen Green performs at the Bunkhouse, March 11.

Tell me about the cover art for I Want to Grow Up.

Ruben Mendez —who signed me to Hardly Art—gave me a few tips that he thought would make the record a success. One of the tips was that the cover art should be a picture of me. So I just listened to him, and I think he was right. The photo was taken in Los Angeles by my friend, Eric, on my 30th birthday.

You’re known for your DIY recording approach, but this time, you recorded in a studio with a band. How was the experience different for you?

The major difference is that I had help, which was a relief. But it costs way more money to hire people and to record in a real studio, especially one as nice as Sputnik Sound. I don’t really like spending money, but I think it was a good experience. I like it both ways.

What prompted you to record in a studio with bandmates?

Three reasons: Ruben [Mendez, of Hardly Art] thought it would be a good idea; I heard White Fang’s studio album Chunks, which I thought sounded amazing; and I knew I wanted a heavier sound than what the drum machine could have afforded me.

You’ve been to Vegas before. How were those experiences?

My old band played at some shitty-ass bar years ago. All I know is that I got wasted and slept in a Hooters parking lot. The second time was a spur-of-the-moment trip with some friends, and the only thing I really enjoyed was the food at the casinos.

What are you doing this time around?

My plans after the gig are to go back to my hotel and chill, as I don’t like drunk people and I don’t like gambling.  [Plus], I don’t really like to stay up that late.

What’s next for you?

I have a new tape coming out on the Infinity Cat cassette series, May 13.

Colleen Green

8 p.m. March 11, Bunkhouse Saloon, 702-854-1414; NeonReverb.com.

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