The Odd Couple

Like the name suggests, new Downtown restaurant Mexipanese is a culinary combination of Mexican and Japanese fare. The fusion of Asian and Mexican food may seem random, but diners have received the curiously constructed dishes with positive reviews.

“I’ll admit it’s a strange concept,” says owner Mike Howland who also owns Sin City Sandwich with his wife Marilyn. “Once [guests] get over their initial hesitation people seem to love it. We have a five-star rating on Yelp, which is nice for a new restaurant.”

Each dish at the fast-casual restaurant can be made into a burrito, salad, bowl or tacos. Expect to find combinations such as the Dos Carne made with carne asada brisket and chicken teriyaki, the Mexipanese carne asada and tuna poke blend, or Asian pork carnitas. Each item is $8-$10 and is served with Nori, pico de gallo and Japanese slaw. They also serve veggie options and sushi.

Howland is proud of this restaurant’s weird concept and wants to inspire the nearby judicial district to try something different for lunch.

“My two favorite places are Japan and Mexico,” he says. “My two favorite foods are Japanese and Mexican…[now they are] coming together to serve the Downtown area.”

Mexipanese is located at the corner of Lewis and Fourth Street and is open from Monday to Friday 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. Orders are available for pick-up and delivery within a one-mile radius.

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