Beauty Bar Sign Bums People Out

Some jokes just aren’t funny, and social media is a harsh mistress. So prepare for retaliation if you make a tasteless one. As most Downtowners know by now, this is exactly what happened when Beauty Bar posted a picture of a Dos Equis chalkboard sign outside their venue that read “ I like my beers like I like my violence: Domestic” offering $4 Coors, $20 manis and $35 gel manis appeared on Facebook last night.

But people did not find the $4 Coors and mani deal to be enough of a bargain to look beyond the insulting joke and many took to social media and YELP to let that be known.

“Any business that thinks domestic violence is funny does not deserve your money! There are so many wonderful spots in Las Vegas. I encourage you to go to one that does not promote violence against women,” Leticia V. said in a YELP review.

Beauty Bar did not respond to DTLV’s request for comment, but posted a Facebook update that read:

Beauty Bar would like to issue a formal statement of apology for the actions of one employee who has been suspended pending further investigation. Ownership and management did not approve of the highly inappropriate message she chose to display on the local bars’ chalkboard sign, and removed it once they were made aware a few hours later. Beauty Bar has been a longtime supporter of local and national anti-domestic violence charities and in no way supported this message.

On the bright side, sweetheart of a guy and excellent bartender Tim Kam of video-dance bar Oddfellows responded to sign by giving back to domestic abuse victims at a local women’s shelter.

Thursday night Kam posted on Facebook, “Just because how lame this is, tonight I’m donating all the money I make at work to Shade Tree. Lemons to lemonade, just trying to put some positivity out there.”

Kam raised a total of $226 to give to the domestic abuse shelter.

Hopefully lessons are learned, but until then, stay classy, my friends.


Vegas Seven