Photo by Curtis Joe Walker

Drink and Antique at ReBAR

Imagine taking a sip of beer from a two-pound embossed German stein and as you set it down on a table made from a NASCAR tire signed by Dale Earnhardt, more than 40 cuckoo clocks filling the walls begin to sing at the same time. You may be thinking, “Was that Zyrtec I took this morning laced with mescaline?” but really you’re at ReBAR.

The new concept created by Derek Stonebarger, former co-owner of Atomic Liquors, brings the bars and vintage stores of the Arts District together at a one-stop-shop on 1225 S. Main St.

“If I could combine what I like to do, which is flip antiques, with the bar business, it would be the ultimate place for me,” says Stonebarger, who received a clean bill of health last week after battling cancer.


Photo by Curtis Joe Walker

The concept began as a retail store that sold beer and wine on the side, but with the $70 million renovations taking place on Main and Commerce Streets, Stonebarger and his partner Charles Vlasic invested in a full tavern license and the bar component became equal to retail.

“I get obsessed with collecting stuff,” Stonebarger says (hence the cuckoo clocks). Everything in the 1,700-square-foot bar is for sale, from vintage patio furniture, artwork and old film cameras to repurposed items such as a 1945 gaming machine turned into a coffee table and the NASCAR tire table.

“There may be a few items that are overpriced because I don’t want to sell them,” says Stonebarger with a laugh. “But most of our stuff is going to be very reasonable compared to other antique shops.”

For drinks, expect to find craft and traditional beers, wine and a small cocktail menu. A portion of each cocktail sold goes to a different charity. For instance, buy a Vodka Press, support the Nevada Preservation Foundation. They also have classics like the Jack and Coke Bottle served as a double shot of whiskey in a rocks glass with a traditional bottle of Coca-Cola for you to mix yourself.


Photo by Curtis Joe Walker

Sandwiches made of John Mull’s Meats beef sausages on Great Buns Bakery pretzel rolls will be served out of ReBAR’s kitchen.

There is an 800-square foot back patio, some seating on the sidewalk facing Main Street, and a 50-stall parking lot in the back. Business hours are flexible for now.

“I have to feel it out for a couple months and it will probably continue to evolve because this is not a typical concept.”

The bar is targeted to open the beginning of June if everything goes according to plan.

“Who doesn’t want to have a drink while you shop? Honestly, I usually end up spending a lot more money when I’m drunk so I figure it’s probably a good business model.”

Celebrate Derek Stonebarger’s 40th birthday on April 29 at ReBAR at 8 p.m. and purchase a personal beer stein to keep at the bar and bar tab before the grand opening.

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