Zappos Exec Fred Mossler Announces Departure

Tony Hsieh’s long-time partner since the early days of Zappos, Fred Mossler, announced to the team in an email that he is leaving the company by June 3. Mossler, an untitled executive, started with the company back in 1999 when it was operating out of an apartment and helped it grow into the billion dollar company it is today. Mossler founded the merchandising department but contributed to many parts of the company.

He made no mention of leaving the company due to its non-hierarchical management system, holacracy.

“Companies that prioritize culture ultimately perform better financially in the long run. It took a village to build Zappos. No one employee could have done it alone,” Mossler said to Footwear News.

Fortune Magazine reported that Mossler never considered joining the 18 percent of Zappos employees who accepted the handsome severance package to leave the company in 2015 when it transitioned into the new management system. Mossler is still committed to holacracy and mentions that he is the “lead link” in Downtown Project real estate, which also runs on the system.

Mossler will remain in Las Vegas and is involved with other Downtown Project ventures including Nacho Daddy restaurant and Life Is Beautiful music and art festival. He also mentioned in an email to Fortune that he plans on spending time with his family.

“I’ve spent 17 years helping build Zappos and almost 30 years in the footwear industry … When I joined  Zappos I took a leap of faith. I’m now taking another leap of faith and will be blessed if it turns out half as well,” Mossler said to Footwear News

Photo provided by the courtesy of Zappos. 

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