No Blank Spaces


The festival planners behind Small Space Fest aimed to utilize the most ignored aspects of the Emergency Arts building such as broom closets, drawers and corners—hence the name. The one-day event on June 20 will have 75 visual and performing artists with a lineup that includes opera, dance, photography, music, painting, burlesque and other media. Here’s a look at what to expect.

Anais Thomassian

The Iran-born, Los Angeles-raised actress and writer is the kind of eccentric that scares you but keeps you coming back for more. Formerly (and lovingly) known as the crass character Penny Pibbets (pictured above) in the show Absinthe, Thomassian is debuting a new character at the festival named The Princess. Find her performing in one of the building’s elevators, but be ready for an awkward experience because she says that she “[likes] it when it gets really quiet and people get uncomfortable.”

Annette VerdolinoScreen Shot 2016-06-20 at 9.52.03 AM

Originally from New York, Verdolino is bringing back her character Miss Margarida from a previous project. The character is based off a South American play that was created as a satirical commentary on the dumbing down of the political landscape in Brazil. Verdolino says the character applies to the current American politics—can’t imagine why. Miss Margarida will be roaming the fest and giving guided tours every half hour.


Cascade Wilhelm

Wilhelm is a photographer that brings an ethereal vibe to even the simplest of scenes. From a quirky portrait in Boise, Idaho to a vibrant market in Cambodia, you find yourself getting lost in the stories behind each picture.

Justin Favela3Favela

In 2014 Favela’s exhibition Piñatopia at the Cosmopolitan featured large piñatas that represented the distorted idea of 19th century Mexico. The local artist’s pieces are whimsical with hard-hitting themes, which is why we’re eager to see what he brings to the festival.

StephBell1Stephanie Bell

The Delaware artist brings life to pen and paper with her eerie sketches that look like something out of a disorienting dream, but she’s no one-trick pony. Bell has dabbled in a few installations, one was made of dozens of paper airplanes.

Small Space Fest is on June 20. The art madness starts at 6 p.m. and will keep delivering until 1:30 a.m. Visual art will remain until July 21. Pay what you can. All proceeds go to performing artists.

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