Andrew W.K. is Bringing The Party to You

AndrewPOP_Nina OttolinoIn his 2006 song “Las Vegas, Nevada,” Andrew W.K. asked what has turned out to be a prescient question: “What’s not to believe in Las Vegas?” We’ll learn the answer on October 13, as the energetic rocker, motivational speaker and “party guru” brings his 50-state The Power of Partying speaking tour to the Bunkhouse Saloon. And though I generally prefer not to copy-and-paste from press sheets, I don’t think anyone can describe W.K.’s kind of uplift better than W.K. himself:

This is not a political party rally; it’s a rally about partying, with the political elements set aside. This is my attempt to add something positive and unifying to the divisive atmosphere surrounding us in so many different forms. Without targeting or preaching to any one side, I want to see if we can party together in our common humanity. We will have a party about being people.

In other words, expect an evening of nondenominational, fist-pumping positive thinking from the man who gave use “I Get Wet” and “It’s Time to Party.” W.K. is composed almost purely of sunshine, and no matter how shitty things may seem in the world at large, it’s impossible to be in a room with this man and not get a goodly portion of that light on ya. Here’s to living in Las Vegas, and believing in the best of ourselves. Why not?

Advance tickets for the are $10, and are available here.

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