Makers & Finders to Start Serving Alcohol


The owner of Downtown coffee shop Makers & Finders has been granted a temporary liquor license (they are in the final stage before a full license is granted) and plans to start hosting events in its artistic space on Main Street, eventually adjusting its hours to stay open later.

Josh Molina was inspired by his trip to Seattle and Oregon a little more than year ago, where he saw Starbucks locations serving beer and wine. Since then, he’s dedicated much of his time to jumping through the multiple hoops required to receive the license. “It got to a point where [the liquor board] knew me by my first name,” he says, laughing. Now that he has secured the license, the fun can really begin.

Phase 2 of the café’s operations has already begun, with Sunday Sessions in its thrid month. “Every other Sunday we have local DJs come out and play some tech and deep house, with live violinists on the microphone,” Molina says. “For August, though, we’re having it on the last Sunday of the month because we want to send our UNLV students off to their fall semester right.” Being a UNLV alum himself, Molina is excited at the opportunity to give a treat to those returning to his alma mater.

Molina’s so-called “night version Makers & Finders” will debut officially in January with a new schedule that extends the cafe’s hours much later than the current 4 p.m. closing time. “We’re not trying to be a bar,” Molina says. “We’re definitely trying to keep the same vibe: a relaxed atmosphere you can come, take your shoes off, still have a place to work … and maybe get a little booze-y while you work.”

Save August 28 for the next Sunday Sessions.

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