Red Video Nightclub to Open in Insert Coin(s) Space

Downtown’s Insert Coin(s) has been sitting empty for more than a year now. Until F. Pigalle closed, the bar-arcade was the only vacancy on Fremont Street between Las Vegas Boulevard and Sixth Street. (Downtown Project has yet to reveal the new concept where The Vault was supposed to go.) Now, out of the blue, Red video club is set to open in the former Insert Coin(s) space the end of this month on a temporary liquor license.

Bruce Perdew (who DJs ’90s night at neighboring Oddfellows) and his brother, Rod, have been looking to open their own nightclub in Las Vegas for more than a year. Bruce has organized themed night parties in Los Angeles, such as the Helter Skelter goth party that started in 1989 and Blue Mondays ’80s night at Boardner’s in Hollywood, but as it turns out, millennials, too, love themed parties. Bruce has plans for the parties at Red to be an extension of what he does in L.A. “It’s counterculture to the clubs on the Strip,” he says.

Much like Oddfellows, Red will offer various themed nights throughout the week targeting the 21-to-30 crowd that likes dancing to music with which they grew up. And because Las Vegas’ bar hours are as convenient as that of a CVS, Bruce hopes to add an after-hours party to the weekend lineup, at which he’ll and play down-tempo electronic music.

Despite the short timeline, Bruce is not making a huge marketing push to get the word out about Red just yet. He says the bar will evolve after its opening. For now, Red will retain the same configuration as Insert Coin(s), with the large bar in the center of the room and dance floor and DJ booth in the back. A future buildout is planned to give the space an underground warehouse feel with club lighting and nine 14-foot projection screens for music videos. Bruce plans to use the screens to play sporting events by day. He is considering having food delivery from neighboring restaurants.

While Insert Coin(s) was once a centerpiece on East Fremont, he says he hopes Red will bring that energy back.

Vegas Seven