The Fluffy Pancake at Smashed Pig’s Brunch Is a Must-try

The stuff of breathless #foodporn posts on Instagram, chef Hansel Tan’s Fluffy Pancake ($8) steals the spotlight on the Smashed Pig’s new brunch menu (509 Fremont St., 702-444-7816, The single buttermilk flapjack is approximately 8 inches in diameter and uses an entire cup of batter (about three standard issue pancakes) and is the product of nearly unilateral cooking for five minutes in a covered nonstick pan, which allows it to plump up to audacious heights. Three more minutes in the pan after a flip shore up the other side before it is plated to order with a healthy topping of seasonal fruit, most recently slices of beautiful golden nectarines. The mono-stack is served with maple syrup and with a look that veritably whispers, “You’re welcome.”

Tan is no stranger to the marriage of social media in the kitchen; his Facebook feed is currently awash in photos of a 10-day brined corned beef sandwich with Thousand Island slaw that he’s been tinkering with as a lunch special.

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