Photo by Cierra Pedro

Beverly Green Neighborhood Earns Historic Status

Taking a stroll through the Beverly Green neighborhood is a blast from the past. The mid-century ranches built between 1951 and 1964, were homes to many well known Las Vegans such as famous jazz singer Louis Prima. After two years of campaigning, the Nevada Preservation Foundation has now earned historic designation to maintain that feeling. City Council approved the neighborhood’s new status on September 21.

Beverly Green (bordered by Oakey Boulevard, Rexford Drive, St. Louis Avenue and Sixth Street) is the second neighborhood in Las Vegas named to the Historic Property Register (the other being John S. Park). In order to be considered for historic designation the buildings must be at least 40 years old and the neighborhood should reflect Las Vegas’ past and represent an “established visual feature” of the area (the mid-century architecture). As a result, historic registration requires that all future building or zoning permits must be reviewed by the City of Las Vegas’ Historic Preservation Commission for approval.

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