JAECI Jewelry Designs Speak to the Individual

jenna_consiglio_'jaeci'_by_anthony_mair_WEBSometimes it takes a little tragedy to motivate us to go after what we really want. That was the case for Jenna Consiglio, the owner of JAECI jewelry store inside the Juhl condominiums. When Consiglio was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, she decided to follow her creative calling and put some positivity into the universe with her jewelry.

“[In] high school I was really into arts and designing, but I never really pursued it,” she says.

Later she applied to FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) and studied visual communications. The eldest of four, Consiglio was always was an overachiever. She worked as a creative assistant for a hospitality and venue management company while moonlighting at her small jewelry business, but she never thought anything would come of it. In 2014 she started working full-time, selling items wholesale online while slowly bringing her vision of owning her own store to fruition. 

“The one thing [necessary] for success is patience,” she says. “It’s been a five-year process.”

JAECI (named after her initials sounded out, as well as the acronym for Journey. Aim. Experience. Create. Inspire), the brick-and-mortar store, opened in July.

The designs are simple and meant to connect to an individual. The specificity of each piece is what makes shopping her line a different experience, as people search for the perfect match that represents themselves or whoever they’re buying for. Consiglio says her designs are meant to be conversation starters.

The whole goal was to put a smile on people’s faces,” she says. “And to not give up. – Jenna Consiglio

Each bracelet or necklace has a catchy, funny quote such as “nap queen,” “green tea slave,” “here’s to the weird and wonderful” or a simple charm or cutout, like her spirit animal line that connects people’s personalities to a specific animal. She draws inspiration from books she reads, music, or sometimes, like a true artist, steals from her friends, like the “perfect mix of crazy” quote she took from a conversation.

Consiglio releases new designs twice a year (her newest collection launches in October). All the pieces are allergy-friendly (zero nickel) stainless steel or 14-karat plated. She also has a small collection of clothing with simple slogans. In the store you’ll also find books, candles and other knickknacks.

“The whole goal was to put a smile on people’s faces,” she says. “And to not give up.”

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