PublicUs Designer is Focused on Launching His Business

agent_mindfull_travis_landice_publicus_by_anthony_mairFremont East coffee shop PublicUs’ design—the unique bathroom doors, the funky industrial faucets, the wooden world map—is as distinctive as the iced mint mochas and espresso old-fashioneds. Inspired by his travels, owner Kimo Akiona worked with co-founder Travis Landice on the look and style of the coffee shop. Landice designed and built nearly everything inside.

Now he is launching his own business, Agent Mindfull.

“I’m in solitude a lot of the time. I’m actually reemerging into the world now,” Landice says. “My social skills have taken a beating because I’ve been by myself, just focused on designing and building things.”

Landice has been sharpening his skills since he was a kid. “My family is full of engineers and contractors. The elders in my family were always supporting me in inventing stuff. I’ve been inventing since I was pretty little,” he says. He’s also worked various construction jobs as an estimator, carpenter, metal worker and project manager, among many other occupations. He incorporates all aspects of his background into Agent Mindfull’s business model, and PublicUs is the embodiment of the concept. The architectural components and the products all come from the same entity. “I’m an industrial designer, but my focus is not just product design. It’s also offering a design/build service to anybody who wants to build anything.” Landice says.

Right now, Landice is working on building out the back alley garden/patio space and a meeting and events space next door to PublicUs (1124 Fremont St.), getting product available for his website,, and introducing the company’s concept and philosophy.

“Agent Mindfull is being mindful of everything you do, thinking about things and understanding the direction of what you’re trying to achieve, and most of all being passionate about what you’re doing,” he says. “You built it by hand, [and] the care, [the] energy, the heart you put into it shines through.”

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