Salute Globe Salon on 16 Years

Raise a glass to the salon's anniversary October 15.


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Model Shelbi Byrnes, with hair by Globe Salon, makeup by L Makeup Institute, wardrobe by KT Moss and photography by Square Shooting.

Celebrate the 16th anniversary of Downtown’s beloved Globe Salon, a Las Vegas gem that was named one of Elle magazine’s “Top 100 Salons” in 2011. The festivities will be held at Tenaya Creek Brewery on October 15 from 6-9 p.m. and will include drink specials, complimentary snacks from the Rolling Fusion food truck, live entertainment and a charity raffle benefiting the Rape Crisis Center.

Originally opened in October 2000, the locally owned salon relocated to the Soho Lofts in the Las Vegas Arts District in July 2008. “When we moved Downtown, we weren’t taking a leap of faith,” says salon director Staci Linklater. “We knew where we wanted to be in 2000, but it was way too soon. Even in 2008, when we opened in Soho Lofts, Downtown was still a question mark for a lot of people, but circumstances meant it was time for us to make the move. At the time, most of the places that people think of when they think of Downtown weren’t even built yet.”

Despite initially facing a great deal of uncertainty from clients, the salon benefited as the revitalization of DTLV gradually revamped the area and brought about new, unique businesses. More high-end salons consequently opened in the area, with some seeing success and others facing failure. “There is no such thing as ‘open and they will come,’” Linklater says.

Now that it’s been eight years since the move, Linklater claims that Globe Salon’s location has helped the business in numerous ways. “The challenges forced us to become better at what we do, to just dig in and do the work,” she says. “With the recession mostly behind us, more people living in and near Downtown have only helped us. The transformation has been awesome to watch.”

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