Things to Look Forward to Downtown in 2017

Vegas Seven organized a list of 17 Things the staff is looking forward to in 2017—everything from legal bong hits, posthumous records from the legends we lost in 2016, new conversations about race, and a few long-awaited restaurants coming to the Strip (Momofuku yummmm), among others—that can help us all move on from a turbulent past year. And there are a few things happening Downtown to get excited about, too!

James Reza predicts the latest version of DTLV to appear in 2017 in his essay Downtown 4.0. Even though we lost a few places such as Glutton and LVCS near the end of the year, there have been original concepts that opened and helped fill the vacant buildings and voids in the neighborhood— Vesta Coffee Roasters, the quirky ReBar, and a bigger and better Cornish Pasty Co. on Charleston Boulevard, to name a few. And more businesses are on the way. New residential spaces are being built, mixed-use retail spaces (The Venice, 1st and Main) are in mid-construction, and the expansions of DW Bistro and Sambalatte should arrive next year as well. Could 2017 really be the year for Downtown?

But while we look forward to what’s to come, 2017 is also the year to observe one of the original Fremont East bars.

But while we look forward to what’s to come, 2017 is also the year to observe one of the original Fremont East bars. Downtown Cocktail Room celebrates its 10th anniversary serving up high-end, proper cocktails. We are glad that not too much has changed since the swanky lounge opened on January 27, 2007, but we’re happy about the new addition opening within the bar at the end of the month. Mike Morey’s Sip ‘N’ Tip moves into the backroom and will serve beer and whiskey to complement the martinis and cocktails served in the front of the bar. We like to think of it as the “party in the back” of the DCR mullet.

These are just two of the many things be enthusiastic about in 2017. We may take baby steps (for each business that opens, it seems like another one closes) but there is no doubt that DTLV continues to get better with time. And luckily, staples like DCR have stuck around to be a familiar comfort and to support the constant change. Celebrating what’s to come and what we already have is something we can count on looking forward to each year. 

Vegas Seven