The Guilty Pleasure of Freedom Beat’s Chicken Fried Bacon

Photo by Anthony Mair

Photo by Anthony Mair

In the world of clogged arteries and too much of a good thing, there are two dominant camps: one espousing that any food can be improved by deep-frying it and another that insists everything’s better with bacon. So in this city of excess, it was only a matter of time until someone decided to combine those two vices. That someone is Gordon Ramsay protégé Scott Commings, head chef at Downtown Grand’s 24-hour restaurant-cum-concert venue Freedom Beat.

Chicken fried bacon ($11) is exactly what it sounds like: chunks of fatty pork belly, battered and deep-fried. To call this a greasy, messy guilty pleasure would be overstating the obvious. And it lives up to those decadent expectations. But the dish actually isn’t as salty as you might imagine. In fact, the flavor supplied by the accompanying chili honey vinaigrette dipping sauce makes a stronger impact than expected on such a bold dish. But let’s be honest, very few people are ordering this dish for the gourmet factor. This one is purely for bragging rights, the ability to go home with a story about how you ignored all nutritional common sense and lived to tell about it. And for that, it’s worth every penny … as well as your cardiologist’s co-pay.

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