Nikki Lane Hits the “Jackpot” Downtown

Just when you think Lady Luck has turned her back on you, you hit the jackpot. As is the case in country singer Nikki Lane’s new video for her latest single. “Jackpot” was shot all around Downtown and it took some insider knowledge and connections to execute.

Roxie Amoroso, owner of vintage clothing shop Exile on Main Street, met Lane a year before when she was in town for a show. The two bonded over fashion and Fenders and Lane taught Amoroso how to play roulette. A year later, Lane contacted her old friend and co-owner of the Beauty Bar, Darin Feinstein, to help her out with her video.  Feinstein introduced her to Amoroso (Feinstein and Amoroso have a brand management company Red Circle Brand Management) not knowing they already knew each other and Amoroso became a producer. “It turns out, I just found my calling,” she says.

I don’t know what story I can tell you that’s legal—Roxie Amoroso

The story goes, Lane is down on her luck so she pawns her guitar at Cowtown. She later meets a handsome barfly, played by her actual boyfriend Jonathan Tyler, at the Beauty Bar, where Amoroso makes a cameo as a bartender. Then Lane and Tyler meet a high-roller played by Feinstein on a hot craps table and end up winning more chips than they can carry. Lane and Tyler buy her guitar back then get married by Elvis at the Downtown Chapel before making it rain on in their El Cortez suite.

Amoroso found all the locations to shoot (El Cortez, Beauty Bar, Graceland Wedding Chapel, and Cowtown Guitars). “The community made it very easy because everyone was on board,” she says. She posted a comment on Facebook about where to find an Elvis and suggestions came flooding in. “I think I reached out and talked to every Elvis in the community.”

Beauty Bar moved their holiday party so the crew could use the space and Evel Pie fed everyone. As for finding a casino that would let Lane and her gang of outlaws run amok, a  friend who knew the Epsteins, the owners of El Cortez, mentioned Amoroso’s project at a lunch she was having lunch with one of the Epstein sisters, and she was on board.

“The property was really rad and allowed us to have total access,” Amoroso says.  “It was almost like a game, like a choose your own adventure… it was all just seeing what we could do and how we could get away with murder, basically.”

The crew had a wild time filming over the weekend from hungover camera guys to broken down Lincolns and bulldozers blocking the scene in front of Graceland Chapel. But Amoroso wasn’t willing to share much about other, more illicit anecdotes. “ I don’t know what story I can tell you that’s legal,” she says. “Firearms are legal, right? To have in casinos?”

Nikki Lane’s third album Highway Queen is released February 17. Catch her live at Beauty Bar on March 25.

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